Welcome to my home page. On this site you can find a few of the skins I have done for Windowblinds and DesktopX.

Check out the link on the left to Stardock's Home Page and you can get preview versions to try out. While you are there take a look at what the Object Desktop has to offer. It is a real bargain.

Once you have got Windowblinds check out Wincustomize for more Windowblinds/DesktopX skins and also skins for other apps. If you want to find plugins and other Windowblinds stuff why not go.to/WBStuff. It has various plugins and also links to all known Windowblinds related links. If you are here for the DesktopX clock app click here. I should point out that DesktopX now supports clocks directly so you don't really need this anymore.

Thanks to d for the work he put in creating that site.

Recently I have been working on a program to randomise the transitions that WindowFX uses.

Links to the files are below:

Program : WFX2RandTrans.exe

Help File : WFX2RandTrans.hlp

Help Contents File : WFX2RandTrans.cnt

Transition Tester : testminproj.exe



Well you may have noticed that the site has a new look. Hope it is a bit nicer than the old hotch-potch.

ThredzX theme updated to include new electricity effects.

20/11/2000 Added DXAnalyse to the DesktopX page.
23/11/2000 Updated DXAnalyse with some new functionality and improved the look a bit.
26/11/2000 Updated DXAnalyse to include some more functionality including image viewing. Take a look on the DesktopX page.
09/12/2000 Updated the ThredzStartMenu to speed up performance and also to eliminate problem where when mousing over text after clicking the object menus would disappear again.
11/01/2001 Well had a bit of a disaster and lost my main partition including all the updates I had done on the Thredz theme for DesktopX. I had been planning to spring clean a bit but this was not waht I had in mind :-(
21/01/2001 Well all back up and running and skinning again. Got involved in the Heavy Equipment project as part of CommunitySkin. A project to skin 54 applications by 24 skinners. Was a lot of fun although I had a very small part in it.

Well no updates for a while. New FormulaOne Communityskin available at http://www.deviantart.com

My part in it was the Desktopx theme and the Eurocalc skin.

All my skins have been removed from skinz.org and I no longer link to it because EFront (who have owned it for over a year) have not been paying the admins and are not a company I want to be affiliated with anymore.


Feel free to make any constructive criticisms by email.
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