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Welcome to my DesktopX page. You will find all the themes and objects I have created on this page. I hope to keep adding to this page so check back here regularly.


New tool I'm working on for DesktopX. I call it DXAnalyse. It basically takes the currenttheme and creates a tree structure of the objects showing parent child relationships. Very much work in progress and I am planning to add more meaningful info to it as at the moment it only shows a list of ID's. Anyway let me know what you think at

Get it here : DXAnalyse.exe

23/11/2000 DXAnalyse updated to include a status bar and export to file. Also now add ID's from the comments section of each object. If you notice it hanging at any stage please let me know what it says in the status bar and maybe I'll be able to work out what it's trying to do. Also if possible send the theme you are having problems with to me.
26/11/2000 DXAnalyse updated to include option to show images for all objects with built in image viewer. Also has status bar to show what it's doing and option to Export to file to distribute with theme so that people downloading it can tell what objects are related at a glance.
09/12/2000 Updated ThredzStartMenu to speed up activation and eliminate menu problems.


Last updated 20/11/2000
Check back here regularly for updated ThredzX theme and objects.


Feel free to make any constructive criticisms by email.

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